Women's Spa Retreat

Whether we work for pay or for free, women need time to re-balance our responsibilities and priorities.       Come for a weekend, bring a friend, or take some time for yourself to restore and re-energize. Learn new skills to relax, refresh, and re-commit to your regular life. 

Physicians' Wellness Retreat

Take one day from your busy schedule to learn to bring "EQ" and humanism back to your practice.                 With the backdrop of timeless nature, take time to heal yourself and learn new ways of healing the organizations you are in, despite the pace and directions of change.   

Couples' Retreat

Understanding your own and your partner's history may help you overcome challenges that have not yet resolved in your relationship. Take a weekend to truly learn why you are stuck, and leave with new tools from the field of Positive Psychology to restore your commitment and improve your marriage.

Career Directions Retreat

People spend more time researching vacation spots than they do career opportunities and paths! Take a weekend to plan a new employment path and find directions for an ideal career. You will focus on your values and personality style in addition to your skills and experience, and leave with a resume and cover letter for work that fits the life you want to live.

Professional Development Retreats

There is no substitute for exceptional communication skills. Whether in verbal or written form, articulate employees who can de-escalate conflict and build a sense of team are most valued in the current workplace. Learn to utilize your strengths and address limitations in interpersonal communication.            Leave with a toolkit and resources for developing your interpersonal skills.