Following an intake, you can select among recommended therapy options, including individual, couples, family or group therapy. Together we will set goals and a plan for treatment, and measure how it is working. Most clients return for individual therapy every other week, for 2 - 4 months (4 - 8 sessions) depending on the issue and the severity of distress it is causing. They may have 'homework' especially with "CBT" (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety or depression), or when they are working on issues like intimacy in their relationship. New therapy groups will open, and Balint group for health professionals will start this Fall. ***Please*** download and complete therapy forms prior to the intake session, and bring these to the first appointment. 


Understanding your personality, strengths, challenges, interests and values is invaluable in choosing paths and new directions in your life, and is often used in life, career, or other major decision-making. When testing is recommended, it is usually to learn about a complex problem you have faced, or to help you move out of a stressful, potentially harmful, work or life situation. I use assessments to identify sources and solutions for problems, and make recommendations to you, your employer, HR, the court, or others concerned about your well-being to find the best fit for your current abilities and functioning.


My experience and expertise in women's and family issues, human development, aging, dementia, guardianship, testing, integrated behavioral health, and professionalism in healthcare providers are areas on which I have consulted or presented. Please see the RETREATS page for upcoming retreats and classes, and my ABOUT page for my CV, or Linked In profile, if you are interested in consulting or including me in training on any of these areas.


When I was in grade school, I planned block parties to fund the Muscular Dystrophy Association's research, and have since loved "Community Programming." It lets me collaborate with friends, other professionals and the public to try to reduce or prevent a difficult problem. I love bringing people together to be creative, to support each other, to keep us all healthy and well. I've worked with nutritionists, pediatricians, and exercise physiologists to help kids and families fight Type 2 diabetes, and with pulmonologists and family doctors to reduce smoking. See our NEW page for educational and friendly competitions we will offer this Fall, and if you have ideas to improve our community's health and mental health, please call!  


"Date Night DInner Club" is a class where couples learn positive communication techniques through food and family psychology. This 'course' is held 3 times/year, offered every other Friday night for 3 months (for a total of 6 sessions). In a faciliated group of four or five couples, couples rotate bringing the meal while everyone learns to manage common stressors and to stop recurring verbal disagreements. (Only for couples who do not need counseling to address conflicts.)